Visual Communications & COVID-19

The faculty and staff of the Visual Communications program are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality education alongside pursuing the safest precautions and procedures in fighting the spread Covid-19 in our community. Due to the nature of our career and technical degrees, we are primarily an in person program; we know from first hand experience the multitude of benefits that come from having hands-on learning and access to professional resources while learning. We are also fully aware of the challenges that this presents surrounding Covid-19 keeping our community safe and well. To that effect, all of our faculty and support staff are adamant about student safety and adhere to strict distancing, masking, and sanitation protocols put forth by the CDC and Oregon Health Officials.

The college itself has a robust rapid response protocol for any potential COVID-19 related illness (or potential exposure) that formulates a return to campus plan and timeline for each individual case. No student following our college protocols or precautionary measures is penalized for COVID-19 related absences. Many faculty will even simultaneously Zoom and/or record their lectures or demos when circumstances permit to ensure no missed content. During this pandemic, we have built a supportive community, with each student, staff, and faculty taking the safety of our community members seriously. We believe that by working together, we can provide the learning environment and experience students need for moving forward in pursuit of their career goals.

If you are a current student and have cold or flu-like symptoms, please stay home and fill out this form as soon as possible for the college’s risk assessment team to make contact and initiate a safe plan for coming back to in-person classes. We thank you for your continued efforts in keeping our VC community safe!