Multimedia Arts

Associate of Applied Science degree in Multimedia Arts

Enter the dynamic world of media arts as you study photography, filmmaking, and motion graphics in the Visual Communications program

Degree Overview

Degree Quick-Stats:

Number of credits:
Average cohort size:
Average class size:

The AAS degree in Multimedia Arts is a unique path of study that is mostly separate from the other degree tracks within the Visual Communications program. Students earning this degree will take courses in photography, motion graphics/animation, and filmmaking.

Starting the degree track with a cohort of other students in the fall, all Multimedia Arts students take the initial software class (joined by other VC students) before diverging into degree-specific classes. Students within the other degree tracks, and experience a range of cutting-edge media equipment, facilities, and techniques.

All of this coursework culminates in a demo reel or staged exhibit that ranges in form and media depending on the student’s area of focus. This capstone experience is a way to introduce you to the local business community, and is held at the end of spring term your final year.


Students earning the Graphic Design AAS can work in a number of different positions, including:

  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Animator
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Photographer’s Assistant
  • Videographer

Job Outlook

Multimedia Arts employment is expected to grow 14.1% statewide between 2012-2024, with starting wages at $39,021 a year ( Creative individuals with technical expertise are limited only by their skill and capacity for work.

Hands-On Experiences

Being a Multimedia Arts students means more than attending class and completing projects. There are a wide variety of extracurricular options, both within Visual Communications and at Chemeketa. One example is The Epic Photoshop Show, held in February of 2020. 14 Multimedia Arts students were given a Photoshop challenge to complete in 25 minutes. Three finalists were given an additional 25 minutes to complete their images and present them to the alumni judges. Watch the event highlights below.

Multimedia Arts AAS Degree Outcomes

Students completing the degrees should be able to:

  • Work with others in the creation and production of original ideas and graphic design, interactive media, or multimedia arts.
  • Research and present design solutions to communication projects.
  • Use current and evolving industry standard methods and processes in the production and crafting of graphic design, interactive media, or works of multimedia, including photography, filmmaking, and motion graphics.
  • Articulate and apply the trade practices, ethics, and copyright laws related to graphic and/or multimedia arts.
  • Participate in a client-designer relationship in the implementation and evaluation of projects.
  • Organize and present a portfolio of work that gives evidence of the skills, knowledge, and abilities to begin a graphic design, interactive media, or multimedia arts career or transfer to a four-year college for additional study.

Student Work Examples

Our students create amazing work. We've shared some of their best work to help you see what class projects are like.

View Animation & Motion Graphic Work

Overview Sessions

If you would like information about graphic design and other degree options at Chemeketa, we invite you to attend an overview session of the Visual Communications program. During the session, a VC faculty member presents on the program options, shows student work, provides information about the application process, discusses transfer and career possibilities and answer all your questions.

The next overview is Wednesday November 2nd, 2022; 4:30–6:00 PM in Building 4/225 on the Salem campus in Building 4, room 225. Everyone is welcome and reservations are not required.

Next Steps

Interested in joining the Visual Communications program? Follow these links to help you prepare to apply.

  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more of the practical details of being a VC student.
  • Thoroughly review the How To Apply section for information on the application process.
  • Plan to attend an Overview Session to hear first-hand about the VC experience, and get your individual questions answered.

Course of Study for Multimedia Arts

VC Students: Be sure to pick the course of study that matches your entrance year to the program.

2021 — Multimedia Arts Track

2020 — Multimedia Arts Track

2019 — Multimedia Arts Track

For students entering the program in fall of 2021:

Course Course Title Credits

Getting Started

XMTH5001A Numerical Reasoning n/c
RD115 Academic Thinking & Reading 3
WR115 Introduction to Composition 4

Term One - Fall

ART115 Basic Design: Black & White 4
ART265 Photography 1 4
ART203 New Media Art 4
VC114 Intro to Digital Graphics 1 4
Total 16

Term Two - Winter

ART131 Introduction to Drawing 4
ART120 Digital Media Time Design 4
ART237 Photo Illustration 4
ART202 or
  FA255 or
  FA256 or
History of Photography
Understand Movies: Film Styles
Understand Movies: Directors
Understand Movies: Theme/Genre
Total 16

Term Three - Spring

ART266 Photography 2 4
FLM230 Audio Production & Sound Design 4
ART118 Digital Design and Color 4
WR121 Academic Composition 4
Total 16

Term Four - Fall

FLM265 Documentary Filmmaking 4
ART268 Documentary Photography 4
VC243 Animation & Motion Graphics 1 4
VC272D Multimedia Arts Studio 2
Total 14

Term Five - Winter

FLM266 Narrative Filmmaking 4
ART267 Portrait Photography 4
VC244 Animation & Motion Graphics 2 4
PSY104 Psychology in the Workplace 4
  Multimedia Arts Elective 2
Total 18

Term Six - Spring

FLM268 Independent Filmmaking 4
ART249 Emerging Multimedia Arts & Technology 4
VC286 Multimedia Arts Portfolio 4
MTH060 Introductory Algebra (or higher) 4
Total 16

For More Information

For more information about graphic design or other degrees or classes offered by the VC program, contact the Program Chair Peter Hoelter at or 503.399.6475.