Applying to the VC Program

VC Application Period

For entry in fall 2024
April 22nd –
June 28th, 2024

Applications will be available online on Monday, April 8th, 2024

We are excited that you are interested in joining the Visual Communications program. Please take a moment to read through these pages to become familiar with the process and requirements.

Before you become a Visual Communications student at Chemeketa Community College, you must submit an application to the program. These pages are designed to help guide you through the process.

Applying to the program

  • If you are not currently a student at Chemeketa, you will need to apply to the college and the VC program.
  • Then meet with Financial Aid (Building 2) to see if you qualify for any assistance. If you're eligible for Work Study, let us know—we hire students to work in our labs during the school year.
  • A New Student Advising Session is required for all students new to Chemeketa. This will help you prepare for your education and will connect you with your Chemeketa advisor.
  • VC program Overview Sessions are offered both in-person throughout the year and as an online presentation to give you insight into the program and the application process. If you have additional questions after attending an overview, you may make an individual appointment with the program chair to discuss your application. You will then submit a portfolio of materials to be considered for the VC program.

Program Prerequisites

Prerequisites are established to be sure that you are prepared to be successful in program level classes. Success in these prerequisite classes will prepare you for the rigors of the Visual Communications program.

Visual Communications program applicants must either test out of the program pre-requisites by taking the college placement tests, or complete the classes with a 'C' or higher.

Prerequisite Courses

  • XMTH5001A Numerical ReasoningComplete, if required, before beginning program
  • WR115 English CompositionMay be taken during the first two terms in the program

Students may apply for the program while prerequisites are being taken, but acceptance is conditional on having completed all prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or higher prior to August 14th, 2023. Note that your financial aid status is affected by completing these prerequisites, and not having them completed may require additional time in the program.

Please note that placement above XMTH5001A on the placement tests does not waive the program math requirement, but allows the student to complete a higher level of math. Students intending to transfer to a four-year school must complete MTH105 or higher for a Bachelor’s degree. Check the requirements of the college you are interested in attending. Scoring above the levels indicated on the placement tests allows the student to enroll directly in required program courses in writing, reading, and mathematics.

2024-2025 Program deadlines

Applications for entrance to the Visual Communications program in fall 2024 will be accepted beginning on April 22nd, 2024 at 8:00am PST.

The application itself will be released on Monday, April 8th, 2024 to give students time to develop and complete the required materials.

If you are interested in joining the program in the fall of 2024, please plan to attend our next Overview Session on Wednesday May 8th, 2024; 4:30–6:00 PM in Building 4/225 on the Salem campus.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. We usually accept approximately 24 students for the graphic design program, and 24 for multimedia arts, with a hard cap of 48 students across all degree tracks. If slots remain after the application date we may extend the application deadline. Any deadline extensions will be posted on this website.

Next Steps

If you are ready to begin the application process, follow the link below for more details on how to apply:

VC Application Process Information

For more information: Visit, call, or email